A pirate stole my heart and a coward crushed it. - Take Me With You || Killian and Milah (Closed RP)
Take Me With You || Killian and Milah (Closed RP)

She had her last fight, she wasn’t going through this anymore. Balefire would be okay, Rumple was a good father, turns out he was just a shit husband. He wasn’t always, sadly enough. But times had done nothing but made things worse. If she left now, the town would take pity on poor Bae, his whore of a mother leaving him for some pirate and he would be better off than he was now. She just knew it. And then maybe she could start living a life where she didn’t want to drown herself everyday.

Milah found him in the tavern, she knew he’d be there, just as she knew it was his last night in port and her last chance to do this. She strode into the bar and he caught her eye flashing her a grin as he stood from the table and his men. She grasped him by the elbow and dragged him out the back door into the street, ignoring  the catcalls they were getting from the rest of the crew. “Take me with you,” she damn near begged through ragged breath. “Please, Killian, just take me with you.”